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Last year’s anniversary and this year’s. Look how differently I fit the same dress exactly one year apart!





There are plenty of mothers who don’t have the time to work out. Or maybe they can’t afford to work out and let’s be real, doing sit ups will only get you so far. Once your body reaches that plateau, you’re going to have to put more work in and let’s face it, a gym is usually more helpful. What if the mom lives in an apartment and would love to buy those 20 bucks workout DVDs but she can’t fully workout without disturbing her neighbor. Let’s just say there are plenty of “excuses” out there and laziness isn’t one of them, or at least not the only one.

Here’s my after baby body-

So what’s my excuse? What’s my excuse for what exactly? The excuse for why I’m still fat? My body looks the way it does because ~shock horror~ I LIKE my body. I love my stretch marks, I love my fat rolls, I love my cellulite. My body looks the way it does because I LIKE it to look this way.
If the woman in that picture loves to work out and she wants to be toned then that is completely okay, it’s her body and that is her choice.
I like to look the way I do and that is my choice. Fuck anyone who tries to make me feel inferior because of my choices.
I’m a great mother, regardless if my body looks ‘acceptable’ enough for society.

I love you.

ily2 <3

i can’t fucking stand seeing mothers who only care about getting their skinny body back. you’re not supposed to be trying to impress people, you’re supposed to look after your baby.

^Comment immediately above this^ WOW. By far the most ignorant and capricious comment I’ve seen on this picture. 1) That woman is FIT not skinny; she’s a professional trainer. That’s her job. And even if it wasn’t her job, apparently if you’re a fit mother then you ONLY care about getting your body back. You can’t possibly care about anything else but that. 2) Apparently, if you like being fit, YOU’RE ONLY DOING IT TO IMPRESS PEOPLE. This means that you in no way do things for your body to feel great for yourself. Totally! Everything in health and fitness is to impress weak-minded people like yourself. (I’d also like you to give yourself a pat for setting feminism back, because impressing people could mean impressing men, and we only want to feel good about ourselves to impress men. Bravo!) 3) This also means that if you want to change your body (be it from thin-fit or flabby-toned or whatever) that if you’re a parent, you’re obviously not looking after your kid. Don’t know if you guys understood that, but jogging strollers were invented for nothing. You can’t possibly workout with your kid or let your partner watch your child while you have some self-time, and you can’t possibly ENJOY working out. 4) Though this picture has nothing to do with how good of a mother you are, the person above decided to make it so.
I’m just going to let all of this sink in.
If you want to make a change with your body, you can do so, but please be healthy. And if you don’t, I am so proud of you for loving the body you’re in right now. - 151lb pregnant woman who has gained 33lbs in 31 weeks, and feels more beautiful than ever.

Compound moves like these are excellent when you’re short on time!